English and Multilingual Ceremonies tailored to your individual needs and desires

I conduct weddings of any size, anywhere, any time. I work with clients from near and far to co-create a meaningful, personalised ceremony to meet their particular requirements. From the traditional ceremony with a large crowd to a simple home ceremony incorporating just the legal components …. and all options in between.

No two ceremonies are the same. Together we create something different every time.These principles of co-creation and personalising the ceremony apply to all my ceremonies and each one, be it in English or English and another language, is culturally appropriate and developed to fulfill the clients’ wishes and dreams.


Rituals and cultural symbols

As a sensitive multi-lingual person, I respect the importance of incorporating rituals, texts or other cultural symbols in my ceremonies.

My rituals include the loving cup ceremony, sand ceremony, unity candle, binding or hand fasting and many others from the Celtic and other cultures and traditions. I have developed a few of my own rituals as ways of including your family and friends in the ceremony and I love to create new rituals with my clients’ needs and interests in mind.

English and other languages

I am proudly Australian and love conducting English language ceremonies as well as bi-lingual ceremonies with German, Italian, French or Spanish as required


German-speaking marriage celebrant. Eheschliessungen in Australien. Kunden aus Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und Australien haben mich gebeten ihre standesamtliche Hochzeit in Australien zu führen. Es war für mich ein großes Vergnügen. Bitte lesen sie ihre Gedanken in ‘testimonials’.


Italian speaking marriage celebrant. Sono una celebrante civile australiana che parla italiano. Conduco la ceremonia del matrimonio in Australia per i cittadini italiani e questo matrimonio ha valore in Italia. Qualche volta gli sposi vivono in Australia ma la ceremonia è celebrata in inglese e/o in italiano per i parenti che non capiscono bene l’inglese. I clienti scelgono un posto bellissimo per la ceremonia, sia a Fremantle che a Perth o in qualche altra regione dell’australia occidentale


French speaking marriage celebrant. Célébrante de Mariage de nationalité australienne, je parle aussi français. J’ai eu le plaisir de célébrer en Australie un certain nombre de mariages pour des clients venus de pays francophones, ainsi que pour des couples binationaux dont l’un ou l’autre des partenaires vit en Australie. Vous pouvez lire leurs témoignages d’estime et/ou leurs remerciements sur ce site.


Spanish speaking marriage celebrant. Soy una celebrante australiana de matrimonios civiles y hablo español. Ya he atendido a numerosos contrayentes de España y de países de Centro y Sudamérica. Entre los tres crearemos juntos una ceremonia que refleje por partes iguales sus personalidades individuales y sus valores comunes.


Same Sex Ceremonies

I just love conducting ceremonies for same sex couples and have already conducted several marriage ceremonies since the Marriage Act was amended in 2017. Having a son within the LGBT community these ceremonies hold a special place in my heart. I believe all people should have the right to marry the one they love.


Networking comes naturally to me and I am always happy to share ideas about possible wedding ceremony locations/venues and contacts with people providing ancillary services such as photographers, musicians, pastry chefs, beauticians and florists.

Legal requirements

A clear explanation will be provided about the legal requirements and steps relating to marriage in Australia, be it for Australians or for non-residents including the legal requirements for interpretation and translation.


All the necessary equipment and accessories are provided by me as required – a PA (public address) system with a variety of radio microphones, a signing table with a tablecloth and one or two chairs